Who Is J.W. Cole

At J.W. Cole we recognize that independent Financial Professionals are looking for a true relationship and partnership with their Broker/Dealer. As their primary business partner, we make it our mission to get to know who they are and what is important to them.

J.W. Cole’s existence is solely dependent on its partner Financial Professionals. When they succeed, we succeed.

Our Mission

To help Financial Professionals build great businesses. Our existence is solely dependent on them. When they succeed, we succeed.

Our Story

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Women of Cole

Women of Cole

While men make up the majority of financial service professionals, J.W. Cole recognizes that Women approach the business much differently than their male counterparts.

As a result, we started the “Women of Cole,” in 2013 to advance the networking, education, and growth among our female Financial Professionals. These efforts culminate every summer with our annual Women of Cole Conference which provides a powerful platform that supports and promotes the unique attributes of women in the industry.

If you are passionate about your business, care deeply for your clients, and want to be part of a network of like-minded women that support one another, you will find that in the Women of Cole. Our focus is Collaboration, not Competition!

In 2019 J.W. Cole was named one of the Top 10 Broker-Dealers with the greatest proportion of Female Financial Professionals.

J.W. Cole Leadership

At J.W. Cole we strive to make our business relevant to our Advisors and want our Advisor to know they’re relevant to us. We personally serve our Advisors so they can serve their clients.

John Carlson

Founding Principal

RJ Wood

Founding Principal

Craig Towle

Executive Partner

Todd Pack

Chief Operating Officer

Melissa Robinson

Senior VP of Operations

Kurt Lofgren

Chief Compliance Officer

Santo Montalbano

Senior V.P. of Advisor Solutions

Taylor Smelt

Director of Transition Experience

Lucy Ortiz

Director of Brokerage Services

Rebecca Zinser

Director of Commissions

For Clients

Thank you for being a client of a J.W. Cole-partnered Financial Professional.

Choosing a Financial Professional to help you plan your financial path is a big decision, and we are honored you are thoughtfully researching one of ours. Because we are independently owned with more than 450 Financial Professionals and clients in all 50 states, your Financial Professional has the freedom to structure their practice in the way that best serves you, the client.

Watch this video to learn about our values, our vision, and our relationship supporting your Financial Professional as they guide you through your journey to Financial Security.